30 Healthy Foods That Nutritionists Never Eat

August 21, 2019

30 Healthy Foods That Nutritionists Never Eat

In recent years a lot of people have become concerned with taking care of themselves and marketers have noticed that as a result almost every label you see at the grocery store now comes covered in buzzwords like [natural], [healthy] or [superfood] in an attempt to make everything you are eating look healthier than it really is. Yet if you really look at the ingredients you would see that these so called health foods are just junk food in disguise to save you some time we have created a list of 30 foods that nutritionists are begging people to avoid.

Açaí Bowls

Açaí bowls seem like a healthy snack, but they can be extremely high in calories and sugar when loaded with toppings like granola, nut butters, coconut, and fruit.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of saturated fat when some claim saturated fat is not bad for you the jury still out on the popular oil. As a result nutritionists recommend using monounsaturated fats like olive oils or avocado instead.

Flavored Yogurt

Flavored different of yogurt are almost always packed with sugar and artificial flavors.

Boxed Vegetable Pastas

The distinction between normal pasta and vegetable pasta are so small that it doesn’t make a difference for your health. Instead try substituting pasta with spiraled vegetables or spaghetti squash.

Flavored Instant Oatmeal


A lot of instant oat meals that are flavored are loaded with sugar and sodium. Instant oatmeal should have less than 6 grams of sugar and 140 milligrams of salt per serving.

Packaged Smoothies


Not only pre-made smoothies often packed with sugars, fat and calories but they don’t keep people full for long.



Even if they might be considered a healthy snack pretzels are a refined carbohydrate that means they are made of sugar. Apart from not having any nutritional value they are easy to overeat since they are not so filling.

Veggie Chips


No matter what the chip is made of even veggies a food fried in saturated and trans fats is not doing anything good for your health.

Diet Soda


Diet soda saves you from calories and sugar but the sugar substitutes and artificial flavors can be worse for your health.

Protein Cookies


Protein cookies may appear to be healthier but they are not any better than a typical processed baked good.



Packaged granola is often loaded with fats and sugars not to mention just a single serving often consists of hundreds of calories making the small snack not so small.

Protein Bars


Protein bars are very processed and consists of artificial flavors and hidden sugars they are meant to be a meal replacement yet fail to keep people full for long.

Canned Whipped Cream


While it looks like a light addition to a dessert canned whipped cream is full of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors.

Reduced-Fat Nut Butters


Fat free or reduced nut butters like peanut butter are packed with extra sugar and often have the same amount of calories as natural versions.

Diet Freezer Meals


Not only are frozen diet meals pumped with sodium as a preservative but they fail to maintain people full for long because they lack enough filling vegetables and whole grains.

Vegetarian Meat


Veggie burgers and fake meats are typically made with questionable processed ingredients such as soy xantham gum and canola oil.

Beef Jerky


In order to preserve the meat jerkies are loaded with preservatives like salt that leads to water retention and bloating as a result.

Fat-Free Salad Dressing


A lot of vitamins in salads really need fat to be absorbed and used by the body so a bit of regular dressing is not necessarily a bad thing without any healthy fats you can miss out on many nutrients that are in greens and vegetables.

Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt


Like other fat lessen foods fat free yogurt can have almost twice the amount of sugar as full fat options.

Gluten-Free Snacks


Just because it’s gluten free actually doesn’t mean it’s healthier in fact packaged gluten free snacks are often full of added , salt, sugars and saturated fats.

Veggie Straws


Veggie sticks and straws are not really nutrient dense and are about as healthy as regular potato chips.



Packaged or even fresh juices are very high in sugar and lack the fibers that whole fruits provide that help adjust blood sugar and main you full.

Agave Nectar


A lot packaged agave nectars are so processed and high amounts of the sweet syrup can strain the liver since it goes straight to the organ instead of raising blood sugar.

                                                                                       Bottled Coffee


Pre made coffees including some cold brew coffee and teas are actually full of added sugars and can be unnecessarily high in calories.

Fat-Free Cheese


Not only are they not satisfying but also fat free cheeses are full of saturated fats.

Light Mayo


While light mayo has half the calories sugars and other processed ingredients are added to make up for the flavor.

Canned Soup


Canned soups are  extremely high in sodium and less nutritious than fresh soups made at home with fresh ingredients.

Trail Mix


Not only are packaged trail mixes often full of sugar, salt, oils and pieces of candy but people often forget how small a serving size of trail mix really is.



While trendy kombucha is fermented yeast when fermented foods can be good for you fermented yeast is not a great idea for most people with an overgrowth of yeast in their digestive tracts.

                                                                  Store-Bought Salad Dressing


While you need some fats to absorb fat-soluble vitamins pre made salad dressings are full of cheap filler oils,  and preservatives.

How I’m Getting My Body Back With IDEALFIT!

August 21, 2019

How I’m Getting My Body Back With IDEALFIT!

I finally started my postpartum workouts this week it felt really amazing to get back to my old pre-pregnancy routine and what’s much better is that I rocked my workout.  I had some amazing supplements to help get me in the right mindset.

Since getting back into my postpartum workout groove I have been using [IdealFit] supplements and adding them to my everyday diet fitness routine. I love their workout supplements because they are specifically formulated for the female body to improve fat burning and muscle building in all the right places.

Women and men were created differently so our workout supplements should meet our different needs these supplements are seriously some of the best tasting workout supplements that I have ever tasted you should give them a try. Even my husband was really impressed and immediately said “why don’t they make this for men too?”

Ever feel a little slow or hesitant to start your workout? You may need an extra boost prior to beginning my workout I always rely on a good pre workout powder. I have been using IdealLean Pre-Workout in Blue Raspberry and the taste is unbelievable if you do not have a pre-workout powder in your supplement stack then you have to grab one right away.

Pre-workouts help to:

  • Boost mental mood and clarity combats stress and boosts focus when training
  • Improve your endurance and performance with natural energy
  • Burn extra fat and improve your metabolism
  • Boost blood flow and oxygen to your muscles
There are no questionable ingredients in this product as everything’s totally natural just as with all of hteir products [IdealLean] pre-workout features natural caffeine [L-Theanine], [Choline Bitartrate], and [L-Tyrosine] with vitamins and minerals for instance B6, B12 ,B 1, C, Calcium and Niacin.

I suggest taking your Pre-Workout at least 20-30 minutes before your workout so that it can kick in just in time. for me this was the best tasting product in my [IdealFit] stack. It actually tasted like candy without all of that sugar involved.

Following my Pre-Workout I always take a good [BCAA] powder I have been using [IdealLean] BCAAs in raspberry lemonade before my daily workouts a lot of women are not really familiar with BCAAs and what they do but they seriously play a main role in muscle recovery and growth too. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and because your body can't generate it’s own branched chain amino acids or BCAAs you have to attain them your diet or a workout supplement like this one. I like to use the supplement because it allows you to get a huge dose of BCAAs all at once rather than having to rummage through your pantry to take down too much calories to meet your needs in amino acids. Additionally it makes recovering the next day a lot nicer and reduces your risk of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness it is that feeling that you get the next day like you have been hit by a truck.

BCAAs help to:

  • Speed recovery and fix lean muscle faster
  • Rebuild muscle tissue broken down during exercise
  • Keep lean muscle mass while dieting
  • Burn fat thanks to the [IdealLean] fat loss blend with ingredients like Green Tea Extract 50 per cent Tonalin CLA and EGCG.
You should take [IdealLean] BCAAs during your workouts throughout the day on non training days and between meals on an empty stomach BCAAs usually taste so icky to me but this flavor was really amazing and I mean that try it for yourself.

Finally you will need a good protein powder to have on hand I have been using the [IdealLean] protein powder in both chocolate brownie and french vanilla flavors [IdealLean Protein] has just 80 deliciously smooth calories and 20 grams of whey protein isolate so you will have no worries about loading your body down with too much sugar or calories protein shakes are ideal to help your body to create new lean muscle and decrease fat tissue without any more bulk. Studies show that active women need more protein than inactive women which means taking a protein shake helps to cover your needs throughout the day.

IdealLean Protein Powder helps to:

  • Build lean new muscle
  • Help your body recover post workout
  • Minimize muscle breakdown
  • Increase metabolism for fat burning
One thing that I can seriously appreciate about this protein besides the fact that it tastes amazing is that it consists of calcium and vitamin D to meet the female body’s needs. As we grow we become prone to osteoporosis and this protein powder helps to prevent that by maintaining our bones strong. This protein contains extra folic acid that helps to renew the cells that aid in hair growth and nail strength a deficiency can lead to hair loss and premature graying .

I take my protein powder after my workout as most people do some even use protein powders as a healthy snack to help stop hunger.

I have used the [IdealLean] protein powder in french vanilla to make peanut butter protein cookies that I love eating post workout or just as a quick snack. Most of us get so hungry after a workout that we want to right away go tear down the pantry and chow down on everything in sight this protein cookie offers a healthy solution to that Post-Workout hunger.


  • Three scoops IdealFit French Vanilla protein powder
  • One egg
  • 3/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour


Combine ingredients and mix thoroughly the dough will be super thick if it’s terribly crumbly add a little more peanut butter.
Form into ping pong sized balls and flatten with a fork on a cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees for ten minutes.

Really interested in trying these supplements made for women? Head on over to [IdealFit] and choose your supplement stack try a free fifteen day challenge or feel free to enjoy some delicious recipes. You should really try supplements they are some of the best tasting ones on the market that I have gotten the pleasure of tasting without mentioning they are all on sale at the moment.

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