How To Create Viral Pins: 7 Tips To Make Your Pins Go Viral


How To Create Viral Pins: 7 Tips To Make Your Pins Go Viral

Knowing how to make your Pinterest pins go viral can be really challenging at first as a new blogger it might take extra effort to test and see what works for your Pinterest so what should be done to get people to see your pins on Pinterest? This blog post outlines almost seven important tips that will help to make your pins go viral.


If you are on Pinterest you might have been following tips and lessons from other popular Pinterest experts so that you can also see your analytics results go up what I want you to know is that lots of Pinterest success is related to Pinterest promotional strategy outstanding content and the secrets to making pins go viral.

No one likes to spend hours designing pin graphics writing content just to have a fewer number of repins, and clicks this is all frustrating!

And I don’t want you to go through all this for another 6 months because analytics do matter.

Pinterest is a traffic generating platform where content creators get millions of monthly views and thousands of clicks to their websites it’s true that Pinterest can send you loads of traffic every day.

No exaggeration here!

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Now you probably have this question what if I’m a new blogger? As a new blogger how to get my pins seen on Pinterest?


What happens if my pins get noticed on Pinterest?

Well if your pin goes viral you will be pleasantly surprised one morning to see 1000 clicks to one pin  and people claim to get more than 1K clicks on one viral pin.

Imagine it’s just one pin?

I repeatedly say that Pinterest can actually get you an avalanche of traffic I’m not joking from my experience I can say that by devoting some extra work and following these tips you will notice extra traffic to your blog.

Let me first ask you…

Do you know how to find your most clicked pins?

First dig out and see if you already have some popular or viral pins.

Go ahead and create few more pins for the similar post as they will have more chances of performing better.


Here I’m telling you a simple process to find out your best performing pins.

Login to your Google analytics account.

Go to Aquisition → All Traffic → Referrals →

When you click ‘’ you will see a list of pin URLs in the same row you will find all the details including users sessions and bounce rate.


The top pin URL is the most popular pin with maximum clicks.

Every month check this data and find out what pins are performing best on your account all set!

After doing these steps you will find a window like this.

Now let’s jump straight to creating pins go viral.


Here are seven must-follow tips to make your pins go viral on Pinterest.


The most important step is to design a clickable pin graphic I must say that you will learn basic graphics skills with time it’s nothing to freak out if you don’t want to hire a designer for your pins. You can easily design beautiful pins for your blog tools like Canva and Picmonkey are excellent tools for designing images.

If you are starting out simply use Canva to try some Pinterest templates.

The design of a pin really matters a lot you need to make sure that your design is so good that it appeals to Pinterest users I have been practicing different pin designs just to see what brings me the most views so I would definitely suggest you do the same.


I use Canva to design my own pins and have actually created some templates by making a few changes, my pin gets ready within few minutes easy peasy.

I also took this super helpful Canva class ‘Next Level Pin Designs’ to create better pins this course is everything you need to know in order to get started with Canva and also designing pretty branded pins. 

Below are my most important tips for designing pins that can go viral;

  • Vertical pins perform better: It’s so important that you design long form vertical pins to get your pins noticed these pins often stand out in the Pinterest feed and people will most likely click the pin when they view it more recently Pinterest has started cutting off pins that are more than 1260 pixels the optimal pin size is 600px by 900px. Recently Pinterest said that their algorithm will favor pins having proportion 2:3. Note it down.


  • Use bright colors on your pins: If possible add bright colors to your graphics as they pop-up and get more attention choose colors that brighten the image and make it stand out in the feed. The users most likely click a pin that has more visible colors like pink, yellow, red, green etc. If you are using a light background image then add bright text colors and if you use bright background image then use soft subtle text colors.
  • Using large fonts is one important tip to make your pin stand out: Choose fonts that are easy to read people often get their eyes off when they find fonts that are hard to read do not go for fancy fonts when it’s about Pinterest the simpler the better.
  • Brand your pin: If you want people to recognize your pins then add your logo at the bottom or top of the pin make sure that your pins follow a specific tone of colors it does matter but you can always test and try to see what color tone gets more views. However I don’t talk much about branding but I think it’s wise to use the same brand fonts and colors for your pins. And I have been consistent with my fonts, and blog colors this makes a big difference in your overall Pinterest success people start noticing your pins and recognize your pins in the
A pin design makes a difference ensure that your pin needs to be appealing to users always follow the recommended pin size use bright colors and add readable big fonts.

You can check 99designs and CreativeMarket for fonts, branding, graphics, and designing etc they are some wonderful places to get the best elements.

But, what if you don’t have time to experiment with dozen of pin designs?

You got a few options;

  • Keep creating new pin designs and track
  • Buy pre-made pin templates by successful bloggers or graphic designers
  • Hire someone to design branded templates for you
Here’s the catch!

Use ready-made Pinterest templates and make them according to your own branding colors.

Pinterest templates are so helpful though I can design attractive pins I have found some templates so easy and pretty to use they can literally up your Pinterest traffic make that first pin impression rockin’.


Do you get attracted by gorgeous high-quality images?

Do you get impressed by a professional image on a pin?

I suppose you do.

We all know that Pinterest is a visual platform where images matter and makes a lasting impression. The images and text written on those pins are two attractive features that convince people to click.


When designing pins, add professional stock images these images are of high quality with a clear focus a poor image is usually blurry and have distorted pixels that look bad and rough if you use a low-quality pin chances are that it will not get any attraction and will easily be doomed people easily get turned off if the pin is hard to see and blurry.

Do not just use any image it’s important to use a relevant image there is no purpose of using an irrelevant image on your pins because adding relevant images makes a big difference I usually collect images first and then design my pins I have separate folders where I have secured stock images.

As soon as I have started using stock images I have seen better results on the number of repins and clicks when you choose stock images try to make sure that colors are bright the image is clear and looks appealing to the eyes you can even use images that have some sort of relevancy with what you write. For instance I mostly use images that have laptop, pens, notebooks etc but I often go for unique images that have a single creative element like a plant coffee mug.

What are some sites to get stock images?

There are several stock images sites to find free and paid photos. But paid images are often customized and are also not so publicly common the fact is that unique stock images go really well on Pinterest and other social networks.


Pixistock is a beautiful stock image site to get gorgeous images for your own blog I love the images! When you visit Pixistock and become a member you will get almost 750+ high-quality images that are enough for a long time. You can choose different themes according to your blog niche and requirement.


Shutterstock is another pretty website for finding stock images you can even select the category of your interest and download high-quality photos and even, vectors I also got a 10% discount.


If you want your pins searchable in the Pinterest search bar then you need to add keywords adding the right keywords will make your pins show on Pinterest which eventually bring you more views and repins talking about organic traffic from Pinterest!

Yes you have read it right.


A pin also becomes viral if it is well optimized. In order to make your pins do well on Pinterest understand how Pinterest SEO works.

It does not just include writing a keyword pin description but it also requires adding keywords to your board’s title and boards description I suggest you to read this in-depth post on ‘Pinterest SEO – how to optimize your pins for SEO’ this post breaks down all the steps you should follow for better Pinterest SEO.

I want to give an example here:


When a Pinterest user types ‘free blogging courses’ they will find several pins on free blogging courses if you just see you will notice my most popular pin on the top left side this pin is one of my viral pins and this continues to send me traffic every day.

See the screenshot below;


Hashtags are used by users to find the content they are interested in like on Instagram we use hashtags to explore the relevant content. Likewise when you add a hashtag to a pin description the pinners will see a feed based on that specific hashtag it will show all the pins that share the same hashtag.


According to Pinterest you can use almost 20 hashtags in a pin description it’s wise to use only hashtags that make sense I have noticed good results with 4-5 hashtags and it also doesn’t make my pin look more like an Instagram post.

More info: A Pinterest pin starts getting more attraction if it is well-optimized with keywords set your target to make your pin searchable on Pinterest this one tip can actually help you get direct traffic from Pinterest without any need of scheduling.

If you want to dig more into Pinterest Success then I would definitely recommend ‘The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible’ It’s an ebook totally dedicated to Pinterest and the information is gold the last chapter includes 20 case studies from bloggers that have shared their brilliant success tips.


Pins with captivating titles get more repins and clicks.

Whenever you plan to write a new post think and come up with at least 5 titles make changes in the adjective and keep re-writing the headline unless you find the best one by adding a catchy title your pins start getting noticed on Pinterest.

Apply a similar technique when you create pin images choose a title that shows people what they will find inside the post people are using Pinterest for getting answers, ideas and instant solutions so give them an idea of what they will learn/find if they click the pin.

Your pin title should be highly captivating it should bring readers to your website another aspect is to use the bold text, you think can make an impact.


Try and test!

Let me give you an example:


Suppose you are looking for some breakfast recipes on Pinterest and you get pins with the following titles:

  • Best Breakfast Recipes To Try
  • 10 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings
You will probably click the second one right?
Here is another example;
‘How to create quality content’ and ‘Steal this data-driven guide to creating high-quality content’.
Which one is click-worthy? Again the second one?

Give the users a reason why they should click the pin I would also suggest going through various Pinterest boards and profiles and see their pins analyze their headlines and see why they get maximum repins I’m sure you will know why a specific pin is getting viral and people are clicking on it.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer is a free tool to write better headlines this free tool is perfect to find out whether your headline lacks anything or not. Again it’s not always compulsory to get maximum scores but it’s a good way to test your headlines before you publish.


My top tip to make your Pinterest pins go viral is to make your post as useful as you can we all know that competition is tough and you need to produce awesome content but are you really writing great content that is unique and a lot better than your competitor? Or we say other bloggers in your niche.

Now You probably have this question…

How can a quality post help you go viral on Pinterest?

A high-quality post that gives immense value has more chances of getting repinned than a post with crap content the more repins means an increased number of overall impressions and clicks to the website.


When your post is giving what a user is looking for, he/she may save your pin to their boards if your post has proven ideas then people will repin it again and again because they know other users will find this helpful.

On the other part if the post is just a 300 word with no details and no additional helpful content then the reader will easily get their eyes off and will further take no action and will instantly leave the site.

That means the pin doesn’t get repinned which means no shares.

If you genuinely want your users to repin your pins then you need to offer them value.

More info: As I use Pinterest daily so I know that there are viral pins from many bloggers and businesses I have read many of these pins and found out that their content is outstanding they have given so much help to a reader it deserves to be a popular pin.


As soon as you save your new pin to your main website Pinterest board set a pinning schedule let it be manually or automatic scheduling do it right away also figure out what’s the best time to post on Pinterest!

Use a pin promotion strategy to get your pin seen by maximum people I make sure that I save my new pin to all relevant boards and then group boards. It’s almost impossible for me to save my pin to my numerous group boards. This is where the power of tailwind comes in I can’t really tell you how amazing Tailwind is it allows me to save my pin to all the boards with an interval time I set a difference of hours between the scheduled pins so that it doesn’t look spammy and my pins go out at different timings.

Tailwind also allows me to check my best times to post a pin it automatically sets a time zone where my audience is most active which helps me with scheduling.


Tailwind Tribes are an excellent feature you should try when you join any tailwind tribe you are allowed to share your own pin and re-share 1 or 2 pins from the tribe it’s compulsory if you repeat this process you will notice an increased number of repins on your own pins interesting right? This is the reason tailwind tribes are quite popular.

If you have still not tried Tailwind use it on my recommendation click here to get your free 100 pins and when you upgrade you will enjoy one free month too.

Tailwind tribes are free to join anyone can join them I have just started a new tailwind tribe and I’m welcoming new members remember that this board is only for bloggers in the blogging and business niche if you are not in this niche please don’t join as I will remove those members who are not in this niche click here to join ‘Bloggers Camp’.

Remember to manual pin also because it’s still important and it works.

Even if you are writing excellent content designing pretty images, using great headlines, adding stock images but not following a consistent pinning strategy you are going nowhere.

More info: Establish a consistent pinning schedule it doesn’t matter if you post 10 pins or 50 pins a day but ensure that you consistently pin the same ratio.


I assume that many of you already know that Pinterest allows more than one pin for the same URL destination this is true you can make various pins leading to the same link.

This means that you can create multiple pins for one blog post landing pages etc.

If you create more pins you will have more chances that one of your pins may get viral and get noticed you can even design five pins for one post but make sure that those pins are great don’t just create pins for the sake of more pins but make them so good that people find it hard to ignore and they instantly press the button save or visit.


Honestly I did not create pins because I didn’t know about it recently I have started adding more pins and so far the results are outstanding.

More info: Create at least three pins for one post ensure that one pin is slightly different than the other pin in terms of description, title etc by doing this you will eventually find out which pin is performing best.




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