Six Tips To Help Your Post Go Viral


Six Tips To Help Your Post Go Viral


We all want to have a post go viral we would love them all do that the truth is that it usually doesn’t happen at least not without some work on your part.

As much as we would all love to get that on everything we put on Pinterest it doesn’t always happen. Most of the time it is a bit of luck and timing to get your post to get picked up and shared by the right person and board.

The moment it happens it is magical you want to do what you can to get repeat that over and over again.

While I can’t guarantee that you can get these same results there are things you can to do lay the groundwork to help your pin go viral  I have got six tips you need to follow to get your post go viral on Pinterest.


1. Image

Images are the most critical factor for a pin to go viral your image should grab the reader’s eye and draw them in  not only should the image be captivating but there should also be clear text overlay that encourages readers to click it should tell the story without giving too much information away you want them to want to click because they want to learn more.

There is a proper size for your graphic and you should always aim for this size when making any graphic the size is a ratio of 2:3 which could be 735 x 1102.


But the thing is that this may not be the size of graphic you want to put on your post you can designate a pinnable image that will pull when someone clicks your pin button you can do this with a social sharing icon which you can use to select the pin you want to have pulled.

You can also add a smaller image to your site and make it non-pinnable then add a second image that is hidden that way when someone clicks to pin the proper image pulls for them.


Use the SocialPug Plugin this plugin allows you to upload different images for your various social media platforms you can have one sized for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinteres none of these will pull on your site but when someone goes to share your content on any of these platforms the correct image will pull for you automatically the free version will not allow you to designate an image but the paid version will it might be worth upgrading if you want that option.

You can also use the Tasty Pins plugin this also allows you to designate a specific image(s) that should pull when someone clicks the button to pin something on your site.


If you do not want to use the plugin you can actually hard code this on your site it takes a few extra steps but it is possible.

First of all you want to turn off the Pinning ability on the image on your post to do this you will add in the wording “nopin = “nopin” ” into the image on your site you will enter this into the image code itself follow these steps:

  1. Click over the Text Editor for your post.


Find the code for your image it will look something like this:

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-285″ src=”” alt=”Perfect Pinterest Image Size” width=”304″ height=”454″ />
Enter the no pin code into the coding and then hit SAVE DRAFT before you switch back to Visual (otherwise, it may not save).
<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-285″ src=”” alt=”Perfect Pinterest Image Size” nopin=”nopin” width=”304″ height=”454″ />.
Now you have disabled the ability for that image to be pinned.


Now, you will want to add in the image you want to have pinned instead upload it as you would any other image I always put this at the bottom of my post so I can find it you will want to add the hidden code to the image follow these steps to do that:

  1. Click over to the Text Editor for your post.

2.Find the code for your image it will look something like this:

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-285″ src=”” alt=”Perfect Pinterest Image Size” width=”304″ height=”454″ />
3.Enter the HIDE THIS UNTIL TIME TO PIN pin code into the coding. Do NOT toggle back to Visual editor, or you risk losing the coding.

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-285″ src=”” alt=”Perfect Pinterest Image Size” data-pin-description=”It is important to make your images the right size on Pinterest.  Find out what size you NEED to make them so they get seen!  #Pinterest #bloggingtips #PinterestImageSize width=”304″ height=”454″ />.

4.Now you have added a hidden pin to your post so when someone clicks to pin, they have more than one image they can pin.


2. Repin your content more than once 
Most viral content does not go viral the very first time you share it it sometimes takes a few re-pins/shares before that happens this is the case with Pinterest.

You should continue to re-pin good content onto your boards this allows the pin to gain traction.   Make sure you pin the post to all of your applicable boards for instance if you have a great Christmas Cookie recipe that the kids love to make you should pin that to your Best of You Board, Christmas, Cookies, Kids and holiday boards.

Never pin your content to your boards only once you need to continue to repin it over and over again  just make sure you allow time between each repin or you may be considered spammy that means not adding the same pin to the same board more frequently than once over 3 – 4 months.

3.  Pin your content to relevant boards

When you are pinning it is essential that the board description match the pin this will ensure that your pin is signaling Pinterest as to what it is about.

For instance pinning a beauty pin to a travel board is not a good idea Pinterest will be confused about the pin it will not know who it should be shown to.

Instead come up with at least five relevant boards that every pin can live on that way you always have a place to add your pins on a regular basis.

4.  Pin timely

Another trick to helping your post go viral is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to holidays and other events by pinning your content around two months before each holiday you give it time to gain traction and get pinned multiple times hopefully going viral.


For example pin Halloween content starting in August you need to pin your Christmas content in October if you plan on a round-up type of post for any of these holidays the sooner you can start pinning and continue to repin the better.

5.  Watch your analytics

Don’t look at Pinterest analytics dig into your Google Analytics so you can see which pins are sending you the most traffic.

These are the pins you want to pin on a recurring schedule if they are already sending you traffic you can keep the momentum going by continuing to pin that same content see number three and four above.

You should also watch this for your past holiday posts. If the one you shared with Elf on the Shelf ideas did very well last November start pinning it again this year but in October.

6.  Good keyword descriptions

When you upload your image you will want to make sure that the alt-text wording is where you place your keyword descriptions this is the default which is pulled onto the pin when shared by anyone that visits your site.

Making sure that you have the right keywords is important because it will help your pins come up through search. Also most people will not edit your descriptions ensuring that what you want your pin to say will remain intact.  For example you would not way “stuffed peppers.”  Instead say “Easy Dinner Recipe Idea | Stuffed Pepper Recipe | Stuffed Peppers.”  The second one contains a lot of the keywords under that this pin will now be found.


An additional way to really help your content gain traction by posting it multiple times is to use a scheduler.

When it comes to scheduling you can do things to help those pins which have already gained momentum there is a simple way to do this.


If you use this platform you can set up the pin to be pinned to all of the boards you want with a few clicks of the mouse here is the simple way to schedule a pin via Tailwind.

  1. Find the pin you want to share.
  2. Click the Tailwind Schedule Button.
  3. Next, select all of the boards where you want this to be pinned you can choose 1, 2, or even all of your boards if they are applicable.


4.Next, set your interval pinning time this makes sure that you do not pin to any of your boards all at once I usually recommend at least one day between pins.

5.Then hit schedule and it is added to your schedule and will automatically pin to those boards for you.
There you have got it the things you will need to do to try to help your pin take off and go viral if you have had this happen for you please let me know I would love to help give you a little more pinning love myself.




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