15 Fool-Proof Hacks For Moms Of Two


15 Fool-Proof Hacks For Moms Of Two

Becoming a mom for the second time can be surreal you finally got the hang of handling one child, now a second one is about to make his or her entrance between car seat safety feeding tricks and tips sleep solutions and managing the chaos of the household, moms of 2 need all the hacks they can get! There’s always an easier way to do things that we haven’t thought of yet which is why we need the advice of seasoned moms that have been in our shoes already.


Some hacks are useless once you have mastered them especially when the tried and true way gets results every time. There is a hack for everything from cutting vegetables to saving money when grocery shopping to making household chores take less time for moms simpler and easier is always best we want results and we want efficiency. All the better if there is time for a nap or at least a coffee.

Whether there are a few years between your kids you are expecting twins or you will be joining the two under 2 club with a second pregnancy these hacks might change your life keep reading for fifteen fool proof hacks for moms of 2.


Whether there are 10 years or ten months between your 2 plan on wearing your newest addition everywhere. Parks playdates even grocery shopping will never be the same now that you have 2 tagalongs. When babies are super small they will sleep quite cozily snuggled up against mom or dad. When they get older and start mouthing on every germy surface wearing them will prevent the grossness from being ingested.


Baby wearing is also every toddler mom’s secret to containing a runner while wearing the newest addition you will have hands free to hang onto the older child you will also be able to follow your little explorer without worrying about navigating with a stroller or dragging along an infant car seat. Those things are too bulky and uncomfortable to carry far anyway.


Two words: cloth diapers yes here’s the indisputable ick factor but let’s be honest having kids is gross no matter what if stocking up on two different sizes of economy packs of diapers every week doesn’t sound like much fun then buying a set of one size cloth diapers will be a lifesaver with 2 in diapers it pays to be prepared.


One-size varieties of diapers come in pocket style which have an outer pocket that holds absorbent inserts and adjust to fit babies from around eight pounds to nearly 40. There are also flat and pre-fold diapers that can be used with adjustable one-size covers and even all in ones that don’t come apart to wash. Cloth diapering means no running to the store at 2AM for more diapers and it also means you can reuse your diaper stash for subsequent kids whether they are close in age or not.


First time moms usually learn this quickly but then we seem to forget it later on when more kids are added to the mix prepping bottles or packing a change of nursing pads is just what you do with a newborn. But older kids benefit from a well packed snack bag too. If you have errands to run or are not sure what the plan is for meal time it’s so worth prepping some easy snacks ahead of time.


A well timed snack can cool down sibling feuds prevent toddler meltdowns distract teething infants, and give you a moment to breathe include some snacks for you too just make sure it’s not something the kids will want to steal away or pack them the same to prevent any fights over that has the best snack.


Kids always get sick or have an accident when we least expect it so it pays to be prepared for anything keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times, and you won’t have to suffer meltdowns when the day doesn’t go as planned. Keep a bin, basket or storage tub in the trunk of your car with a collection of essentials and supplies.


Pack extra diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for each child bonus points for shelf stable snacks that can be replenished monthly or whenever you remember. Include bottled water for drinking and for mess cleanup when necessary a change of clothes for mom is a good idea too, as is a blanket in case a little one needs bundling. When a disaster rolls around you will be thankful you thought ahead.


Schlepping around an infant seat practically requires a cart for even the briefest of shopping trips. But if you’re wearing a baby and have an older child that walks do you really need the cart for short trips? The short answer? Yes older sibling duos will likely request your store’s famous race car cart or the one with steering wheels or extra seats whenever there’s the option of strapping one or more of your kids into their seat do it.


Even if they decide to bail out later you will have a repository for unwanted snacks, drink cups, dropped pacifiers, stuffed diaper bags, discarded sweaters and your actual purchases. Bonus if you have an overly tired child that can fall asleep anywhere pack a blanket for a comfy cart nap while you take care of business.


When you are expecting a new baby a huge part of prepping is getting the big sibling ready a fun and special trick for helping big sibs adjust to the baby is making them a big sis or big bro kit. You can include some of their favorite snacks, a small toy and movie or game that they will love. Especially when baby is getting all kinds of swag, it’s nice for the big sibling to feel special too.


Another practical and super special big sibling gift? A set of headphones will save you a lot of tears. Especially when the younger sibling is very new having a little brother or sister can be extra loud. Block out the noise and enjoy iPad games, or download a super special big brother or sister playlist for them to enjoy while playing quiet games.


If you are not familiar with Montessori learning, a huge component of the method is allowing kids to do things for themselves. Your older sibling might be 2 or 10 but the concept is the same for any age. Allow your older child the freedom to do things for himself stock healthy snacks where he can reach them while you tend to the baby. Make sure clothing is easy to put on and take off and shoes are manageable with minimal help.


Foster your older child’s independence and not only is there less demand on mom for help with everything he will also learn to problem solve on his own. Every little kid wants to be a big kid so give him little ways to work toward that goal this way you are teaching valuable skills while getting everyone’s needs taken care of.


When siblings pass the toddler stage, it’s usually easier to buy 2 of everything the exact same, rather than risk being accused of favoritism one solution is to color code everything possible from socks to underwear to cups and lunch boxes give each child their own color or themed supplies to reduce bickering. It’s even easier if kids have a favorite color but another option is to use stickers or name tags on items.


The same goes for buying multiples of the same outfit or shoes for kids to match. Dressing siblings alike is adorable, sure but when you are scrounging around for the size ten Frozen shoe and can only find the size seven you will appreciate each child wearing distinctive clothing and shoes. Of course if kids insist on matching or share common interests you can always resort to labeling everything.


Potty training toddlers everywhere are always in a rush to get to the bathroom eliminate accident worries by keeping a portable potty in your vehicle place a disposable trash bag in the potty for simpler cleanup or use another mom hack and use coffee filters to lift out solids if your child is out of diapers and you still have leftovers in stock just place a disposable diaper in the bottom of the potty for super easy clean up. That way, kids don’t get used to being back in diapers but cleanup is easier.


Make this hack even more helpful by including a cleanup kit in your potty area stock sanitizing wipes or sprays and paper towels for cleaning up potential messes. A scented spray may help too particularly if you are on a long trip without a way to dispose of trash.


It’s hard to get organized at first with a newborn and older toddler or child. But once you have settled into a groove it’s time to let the older sibling find a hobby whether that means park trips for curing cabin fever enrolling in a part-time preschool program or simply hanging out in his own room your older kid will appreciate baby-free time every now and then.


This is even easier if you have a child who’s school age or up. Moms of 2 are prone to feeling like they are struggling to split their time between a demanding little one and a seemingly self-sufficient older child. An older child might appreciate an extracurricular that lets them focus on a hobby or a routine playdate with friends or an evening out with dad this gives you a break too because you only have one child to look after while the other is occupied.


It can be a hassle just getting two kids out of the house let alone getting all their supplies ready. This hack is handy for prepping a change of clothes and a diapering kit that you can grab and go with one mom mastered this technique by using hair ties to secure a small pack of wipes to the top of a standard wipes box. She added diapers in the bottom of the box and a rolled-up change of clothes.


This hack works best for smaller babies because you can fit more diapers plus outfits in the box. But it can work for at least a couple of diaper changes for babies who wear bigger sizes too. You could even use this technique for packing a cloth diaper pack, especially if you use flat or pre-fold diapers and covers.


Bathing 2 kids is definitely twice the chore this hack works for moms of twins and moms with a baby plus older child. A laundry basket works great for keeping both baby and toys contained while allowing an older child his or her own space in the tub use a standard rectangular basket if your tub has the room or a square or round one to give the second child more space.


If your tub is not big enough for both kids at once, plus a laundry basket consider using a larger, hard-sided storage container to bathe baby in. If little ones can sit up, they may enjoy a few inches of water in their own personal tub next to their older sibling’s of course make sure to keep an eye on baby using this hack because it poses the same risks as the bath tub.


It pays to have a plan when attempting to grocery shop with 2 kids hopefully neither of them are runners but these hacks may help keep them interested long enough to get the shopping done Definitely get a cart and try to wear your infant if at all possible. This keeps both kids corralled but also separates them from each other to prevent any poking or prodding.


If you haven’t yet tried the Cheerio necklace hack, this is the best grocery shopping advice out there String up Cheerio necklaces for each of your kids beforehand or in the car before letting them loose in the store and they can munch while you shop. Other cereals and snacks like pretzels work well for this too or if you are brave even round cookies.


Laundry is the bane of every mom’s existence it piles up, it smells, it gets strewn all over the house and sometimes never even folded. But there are ways to make the laundry easier to get done and even get the kids eager to help one way to reduce laundry stress is by attaching a delicates bag to your laundry basket. Clip it on the outside of the basket for socks that tend to go missing in the wash. When you are ready to run a load zip the bag and toss them in.


Another helpful laundry tip is to make a cardboard shirt folder that kids can use this hack makes folding laundry a snap even with little ones that struggle to fold. A piece of cardboard with strategically placed cuts makes a simple and fun way for kids to help fold their piles of t-shirts.


As new moms soon find out, babyproofing isn’t as simple as cabinet locks and outlet plugs. Toddlers and some infants, are particularly sneaky when it comes to working their way into restricted areas. A super helpful babyproofing hack is to use cheap dollar store pet collars as simple snap-on baby locks. Loop one through cabinet door handles to keep kids from getting inside and you will be able to access them easily by unbuckling.


Another important babyproofing element that’s often overlooked is securing furniture to the wall. This is called anchoring, and anchor hardware is widely available and cheap securing your furniture is one way to guarantee the safety of your toddler when she decides to scale the bookcase while you’re feeding the baby heavy furniture can easily tip especially dressers with lots of drawers that a small child can slide open.




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