27 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That Will Make Life with Kids Just a Little Easier


27 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That Will Make Life with Kids Just a Little Easier

Bathe your child in a laundry basket so that their toys don’t float away

Parenting can be hard but as we all know it's totally worth it and If these ideas give you even 5 minutes back in your day they are worth sharing…

Make a bracelet for your child with your phone number on it

Let them help make the bracelet and they will love wearing it: win-win

Make household chores into a game so they'll want to be a part of it

That's right Cinderella just sweep everything into the square.

Use a barrette to hold together the straps of a loose tank top

Fashion forward Racerback tops are in.

If your child is not a fan of trying on shoes save yourself a headache and trace their feet so you can shop without them.

Use temporary tattoos with your information when you are going out to a busy public place.

Putting a medicine dropper in an open pacifier makes administering medicine much less traumatic.

Recycle their old crib into a craft or work station when they are too big for it.

Turn an old DVD case to a coloring case with just a few pencils and paper.

They will never lose colored pencils again!

Glitter takes your tooth fairy game to the next level.

Bonus points for making it into the shape of wings.

Use this info template so you can always make sure your baby sitter always has instructions and emergency contact numbers.

Write on the glass with erasable markers so you can change the info as your child grows

Use a disposable coffee lid to keep popsicles from turning into a big mess

Instead of having to cut each piece of food into tiny bites with a knife use a pizza cutter

You are welcome parents of picky eaters that need their food cut up just so.

A fan keeps their forts cool AND upright

Turn old drawers into bookshelves to save room.

And hopefully stop tripping over piles of toys.

Cover a pack and play with a fitted sheet and your child can stay cool outside without being eaten alive by bugs.

Tie a sheet around a table and your child has a hammock.

Don't you wish that could support an adult?

Use a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to protect your child from falling out of bed.

This is even better if they have bunk beds.

A pool noodle keeps little fingers from getting caught in the door

Use an upside down crazy straw in your child's drink so they can't pull it out.

And never clean sticky juice remnants off car seats again.

Soothe sore gums during teething by freezing a pacifier in an ice try with their favorite drink.

Put a sign below the toilet paper so they know how much to tear off

That's assuming they are listening.

Use a hot glue gun to seal bath toys.

They will never get moldy inside again.

Empty soap bottles become water balloon pumps.

Cut open a lotion bottle to make a longer faucet so small hands can reach the water.

Get your kids to love food they would usually ignore by adding sprinkles

It's just like ice cream now right?




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