45 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad


45 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad

Husbands are arguably the most important people to break the news of a new pregnancy to after the mom and the doctor they are usually the first ones to know about a new baby that means the pressure to break the news to them the right way is pretty high telling a man that he's going to be a dad for the first time and every time after that is a big deal that's why it's so important to make the reveal as cool as possible. 


Husband pregnancy reveals don't necessarily have to be as huge or extravagant as regular pregnancy announcements it's not important to hire a photographer or spend a ton of money they can definitely be more intimate but that doesn't mean they can't be just as special or creative it's easy to incorporate his favorite foods, sports teams or bring out his sentimental side husband reveals have the capacity to be super memorable and crazy unique. 

Actually there are countless ways to reveal a new pregnancy to a husband while every idea is just as amazing as the next we have narrowed that long list down to 40 of our favorites this list has something for every personality from the dads who are really into clever jokes to the ones that are a little more subtle there is a cool reveal idea here that is perfect for any awesome excited daddy to be. 

1. Spoon Feed Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

For Such A Time Designs/Etsy


This awesome "we are expecting" spoon is not only a sweet way to reveal a pregnancy it's also a really cool keepsake.

2. Photobomb Husband Pregnancy Announcement

Paisley Lane Photography


Couple Camille and Kyle were posing for Christmas pics or at least, that's what Kyle thought Mom to be Camille had actually devised an elaborate pregnancy reveal where she held up a sign with the news and captured his reaction to boot.

3. Proposal Pregnancy Announcement

Syda Productions/shutterstock


Ahh remember the day he popped the question? Who could forget right? Make an unforgettable proposal of fatherhood: Head back to the place where he proposed only instead of a ring in a box you hand him a box with a positive pregnancy test inside.

4. Belly Paint Pregnancy Announcement

maradonna 8888/shutterstock


Odds are your husband loves taking your shirt off anyway so why not leave him a surprise underneath with some belly paint? You can write "Baby on board" a simple "I'm pregnant" or anything else you think will get the point across.

5. Cupcakes Pregnancy Announcement


Let him get the message as you settle in for dessert serve him a sweet treat of pink and blue cupcakes in a box decorate the inside lid with a sweet message that says "I'm pregnant!"

6. Fortune Cookie Pregnancy Announcement

A Day In Mollywood


During your next night of Chinese takeout give him a fortune cookie that truly foretells what's coming blogger Molly at A Day In Mollywood printed out a fake fortune reading "In 9 months you will welcome a new bundle of joy into your family," then pretended that was the fortune she got.

7. Coffee Cup Pregnancy Announcement



Turn any regular old morning into an amazing one by pouring him a cup of coffee and letting the mug break the special news to him. 

8. Greeting Card Pregnancy Announcement



Kids don't have to spell the end of your sex life and one way to drive that home is to call him a "DILF" that shows you are as hot for him as ever.

9. Pregnancy Reveal Poem



Writing a pregnancy reveal poem like this sweet "adventure is out there" ode that was posted on Reddit allows you to craft your words just right for a memorable delivery he will always cherish. Throw it in a frame and you have your first piece of art for the nursery.

10. Funny Photo Pregnancy Announcement

Danielle Hark Photography


Mom and photographer Danielle Hark enlisted Photoshop and her daughter to share the news. "I texted my husband a photo of our 4 year old holding a copy of What to Expect When You are Expecting but I Photoshopped it to say What to Expect When You are A Big Sister Coming July 2015," she says. "He loved it!"

11. Hidden Pregnancy Announcement



Sooner or later all men will open the fridge which makes it the perfect place to plant the big news in one popular YouTube video the mom hides the positive pregnancy test in a baby bottle; her husband is so dead set on finding a drink he doesn't even realize what's in his hand!

12. Nauseous Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Sew Dandy/Etsy


Perfect for the jokester couple this hilarious card actually manages to make morning sickness funny.

 13. Cereal Bowl Pregnancy Announcement



Nonchalantly settle down at the breakfast table eating your cereal in a pregnancy reveal bowl then watch his jaw drop talk about a memorable morning!

14. Equation Pregnancy Announcement



A sweet simple pregnancy reveal card sums up what you have got to say in as few words as possible.

15. Pregnancy Announcement Book



Since you 2 are bound to be reading a bunch of parenting books  anyway you may as well kill 2 birds with one stone by giving him a book about becoming a dad as a gift plus he will be much more happier perusing those pages than say a women's pregnancy guide.

16. Sports Teams Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Sports obsessions definitely run in the family so why not make the reveal by reminding Dad that he's about to get a baby and a new superfan?

17. Mock Proposal Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

Kenita Miranda/Pinterest


Who says women can't propose? This pregnancy reveal is one he definitely won't want to say no to.

18. Under the Cup Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Cynthia Lovna/Pinterest


For any expectant mom that doesn't feel like investing in a fancy mug this disposable pregnancy reveal will do just fine.

19. Pizza Pregnancy Reveal



A delicious homemade pizza plus some really great news makes for one amazing dinner date.

20. Welcome Home Husband Pregnancy Reveal

The Joubert Den/Etsy


There is absolutely no way to go wrong with a giant poster that spills the beans in the most simplistic way possible.

21. Dog Pregnancy Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Cassy Shields/Pinterest


Slight spelling error aside this is a great idea to utilize a furry little friend to break the news that someone is about to become a new daddy.

22. Homemade Card Husband Pregnancy Reveal



This one is definitely reminiscent of those Valentine's Day cards everyone used to make in grade school but that only makes it more adorable.

23. Two Hearts Husband Pregnancy Reveal

Rocio Ayala Edgerton/Pinterest


Special occasions are always made better with a rose bouquet and a sweet poem

24. Chocolates Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

What Candy Says/Etsy


For any chocolate loving new dad these really awesome chocolates will tell them everything they need to know.

25. DILF Mug Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Rose Gold Rebel/Etsy


Another reveal idea that's perfect for dads with a sense of humor this "DILF" mug is something he will get a kick out of for a long time.

26. I Love Daddy Husband Pregnancy Reveal

Catherine & Ash/Etsy


This one is definitely meant to tug at his heartstrings for anyone that wants to make her husband happy cry before the baby is even born this onesie card combo is a great way to do it. 

27. Puzzle Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

PZL Zone/Etsy


If he has the patience to put a full puzzle together this easy 12 piece game makes for a really cool pregnancy reveal.

28. We Have a Winner Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Let him know that his efforts have finally paid off with this cute mug. 

29. Beer Labels Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Big Dot Of Happiness/Etsy


For anyone looking for something simple and cool just replace the labels on his favorite beer with the news that he is a daddy.

30. Scavenger Hunt Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

Terri Hale/Pinterest


For any expectant mama with a bit of time on her hands and a husband willing to put in the work a pregnancy reveal scavenger hunt is for sure the way to go. 

31. Football Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Weddings by Taylor/Etsy


If he is a football fanatic he will definitely appreciate the fact that his new baby was revealed to him using his favorite sport.

32. Tiny Letter Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

Love Messages XO/Etsy


This tiny letter is definitely a bit quirky but it's also one of the most unique pregnancy reveals we have ever seen. 

33. Keychain Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

SA Jolie/Etsy


This adorable keychain can be customized with his initial or "D" for daddy either way it's a pregnancy reveal he won't be able to help but take with him every day.

34. Message in a Bottle Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Kseniya Revta/Ets


Messages in a bottle may seem a little old fashioned but as this really cool reveal gift shows they get the job done.

35. Bookmark Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Tina's Leather Crafts/Etsy


Any book loving man will definitely appreciate his wife replacing the bookmark in his current favorite read with this thoughtful subtle pregnancy reveal.

36. We're Pregnant Plate Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

When I Became We/Etsy


This one is similar to the cool pregnancy mug but the news is revealed at the end of a hearty meal instead of a hot cup of joe.

37. Under Construction Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Place one of the rooms in the house "under construction" for the new nursery and let him figure the rest out. 

38. Write It Out Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Sometimes it's just better to write everything out and let them read it just make sure there is someone there to take pictures! 

39. Sh*t Just Got Real Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Another idea that requires a little artistic skill this homemade "sh*t just got real card" is sofunny and truthful.

40. Only Child Expiring Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



Another pregnancy reveal that utilizes the older sibling this one will make him laugh and make him excited at the same time. 

41. Preggers Shirt Pregnancy Reveal 



This shirt is probably as simple as it gets break the news by putting it on wearing it around for a day and waiting for him to catch the hint.

42. Eat Up Husband Pregnancy Reveal 



This super simple pregnancy reveal has been replicated many times for many various announcements but it's still pretty darn clever.

43. Picture Frame Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Embellished For Love/Etsy


Whether the picture frame is given as a gift or placed somewhere in the house for him to find on his own it's a reveal that doubles as a practical baby keepsake.

44. Reese's Pieces Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Sarah Petty/Pinterest


Nothing helps aid in the excitement of finding out a new baby is on the way like a giant bag of delicious candy and a cute pun!

45. Scratch Off Husband Pregnancy Reveal



These scratch offs may not have any cash prizes hidden underneath but they do offer moms a really cool way to let their husbands know they are about to become fathers.




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