19 Tattoos That Hide Powerful Stories Behind Them


19 Tattoos That Hide Powerful Stories Behind Them

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People choose some tattoos for various reasons some get beautiful and impressive pictures while others like meaningful images this article is about the latter: they got their tattoos in honor of their , children, pets and family members.

We want you to have a look at them and get inspired too.

A grandpa got a cochlear implant tattoo to become like his grandson.
riesuncontrollably / reddit  

In memory of work for an ambulance service

Kassad797 / pikabu 

I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh on my arm. He passed three years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever I go now.

drewsoulman / reddit  

A tattoo depicting a pet with its rare feature

miaandsebastiantheme / reddit 

My dad passed away this weekend so I got his tattoo in memory of him.

orbitsucks / reddit  

After a year and a half of fighting in court, I just won custody of my three boys. So I got them each to say Daddy I love you for my 1st tattoo.

GurleyMan30 / reddit  

Finally got the tattoo I have always wanted!

blakerjames / reddit  

My stepdad committed suicide and I got this tattoo in memory of him.

CaptainPeaches77 / reddit  

I used to hate my legs but I’m slowly falling in love with them.

nikeheart / reddit  

“My dad retired from tattooing five years ago because his hands started to shake. For Father’s Day I asked his old tattoo buddy if we could use his studio for my dad to give me a tattoo he agreed and I gave my dad free range.”

IlluminatiEMT / reddit  

My mom and I got Guess How Much I Love You? tattoos.

BlueJayOnRye / reddit  

“For my ten year anniversary of bartending”

TastyMalort / reddit  

I was born and adopted from China.

oesch_it / reddit  

After her son passed away this lady got an image of the writing from a card he would written for her tattooed on her forearm.

Primum_Non_Nocere- / reddit  

Memorial for my pup in doggy heaven put it on my calf so he’ll always be walking with me.

poodlethenoodle / reddit  

The portrait of my dad

jmorr16 1/ reddit  

Here’s a tattoo of my own brain CT scan I survived a fatal brain infection.

jgsvst / reddit  

Dedicated to my brother

Princess-F0x / reddit  

Three generations

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