6 Best Salads from Around the World


6 Best Salads from Around the World

When salads come to mind a lot of people are turned off immediately because salads are most of the time thought of as a bland side dishes or extreme diet fare. Frequently salads are a last resort most people would just eat if it’s the last thing they can find in the fridge. But salads are more than only a diet food and can be an amazing side dish or  its own (entrĂ©e). Around the world there are a lot of salads that will make your mouth water and your stomach hungry for another helping. For the most delicious salads on earth check out the list of these six best salads from around the world.

California Cobb Salad

This classic salad was created at Hollywood’s popular Brown Derby for owner Robert Howard Cobb. Grilled chicken, hardboiled eggs, bacon ,avocado and cheese are the core components of this hearty salad.

Caesar Salad

When discussing delicious salads the Caesar salad has to make the list this salad includes croutons, lettuce anchovies and is topped with a creamy sauce that will ever taste. The best time to have a Caesar salad is after a long day the easy to find ingredients make it a go to for quick meal.

French Nicoise Salad

This French salad is referred to a [poor man’s meal] although its too many expensive upgrades and transformations can make for a royally delicious treat. This salad normally contains cucumbers, fava beans,  belled peppers, radishes and canned tuna and anchovies that makes it a high protein dish.

Fruit Salad

If you are looking for a fresh dish with a variety of sweet ingredients try a fruit salad fruit salad is great for a hot summer day. When you are looking to increase your water intake add some watermelon to your fruit salad. Some of the most refreshing fruit salads consists of cubed pineapple, sliced oranges and strawberries. Revamp a fruit salad to your liking by adding your favorite fruits.

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad

Add a something extra to your day’s diet with an apple cranberry walnut salad this salad contains sweet and salty ingredients that will win over any salad non fan. This salad pairs best with baby spinach or spring mix you can elevate this salad’s nutritional value with arugula or dandelion leaves. Top this salad off with feta cheese crumbles and drizzle your favorite vinaigrette on top.

Kale & Quinoa

If you are a health nut the kale quinoa and avocado salad will enrich your weekly nutrition intake. This salad takes an extra step requiring that you cook quinoa but it gives you an extra energy because of quinoa’s health benefits. In addition kale contains different antioxidants and can vastly improve health this salad is hearty enough to be a dinner dish or a side item. After adding the quinoa this salad becomes its own complete meal this salad is great to eat after a work out top this salad off with a nice olive oil to enhance flavors.




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