Everything You Need To Know About Pilates


Everything You Need To Know About Pilates

What is pilates?

Pilates is a low impact exercise that boosts spinal alignment, posture and flexibility while strengthening muscles and toning the body. Most Pilates move target the core but there are exercises that target other areas too. It was originally created by Joseph C Pilates that invented it to help rehabilitate soldiers after war.

Pilates can be done on a mat or a reformer and with equipment or without equipment a reformer is a machine that consists of a sliding platform stationer foot bar, pulleys and springs that act as resistance.

Precise breath control and slow, controlled movements are 2 of the main foundations. A Pilates workouts usually last 45 minutes to an hour and incorporates stretching intensity level can be different from basic to moderate based on skill level.

What is pilates good for?

It strengthens your trunk and works the whole body without aerobic movement it makes you use your body weight as opposed to weights engaging all muscle groups gently but in an effective way. This is a positive as the activity strengthens you without adding bulkiness.

Pilates is a highly adaptable exercise for all fitness levels and can be integrated into existing workout routines it’s a perfect remedy to poor posture if you work a desk job or sit too much during the day.

It will give you long graceful muscles like a dancer while increasing the connection between mind and body.

How many calories does pilates burn?

Pilates can burn about 175 calories in a beginner level class between 45-60 minutes an advanced class burn up to 254 calories and a reformer instead of a mat class also ups the ante these are the stats for an average 150 lb about 68kg person.

How often should you do pilates?

Aim to do Pilates up to twice a week to see optimal results even if weight loss is not immediate you will feel a different in terms of flexibility, balance and strength. If this routine is stuck with results have to be seen in a 3 month period and the compliments will start rolling in you can adjust this amount based on the other physical activity in your weekly routine.

How to do pilates at home 

All you need is an exercise mat or yoga mat to do Pilates at home working out has never been cheaper or easier. This is a perfect way to gain confidence before heading to the gym doing different of core-blasting movements like the hundred is a good place to start and there are a lot of fitness videos and tutorials on IG and YouTube.

What to wear to pilates 

Try to wear fitted but comfortable clothing made from breathable materials for example cotton and a light to medium support sports bra in most Pilates classes you will be barefoot or wearing sticky socks these are socks specific for workouts with grip bottoms that makes you hold extend poses.




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