How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro


How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Nowadays it looks like everyone is investing in fake lashes but you won’t need flashes to make give yourself some extra smoldering va-va-voom. Here are some expert tips on how to deal with the hard to tame beast that is mascara.

1. Push the mascara wand against the root of your lashes liking as you nicely wiggle the brush through hairs. This makes them pick up more product in an even manner than if you chat the hairs with a mascara.

2. Never coat the same kind of mascara so much as this can create a clumsy look. Try a thinner formula with a curved brush for definition before finishing with a thicker formula that adds volume.

3. To avoid smudge stains on your eyelid or under-eyes only apply a little of setting powder where the tips of your lashes meet your skin do this before mascara application.

4. Lower lash application might be so tricky use a liquid liner with a fine tip to draw small dots along your lash line between hairs then wiggle mascara through the bottom lashes for a filled out look that does not appear artificial at all.

5. Don’t pump the wand in and out of the bottle this causes it to enter the tube which makes your mascara dry out and clump faster twist it instead of pushing and pulling.

6. If you don’t like applying a heavy layer of mascara enhance a more natural look by using an eyelash curler that makes the eyes look more open and lashes look longer.

7. Apply black liquid liner to the upper waterline of your eyes this creates a smoky look but ensure to  give try it a try on a small area first if you have sensitive eyes.

8. When applying mascara to lower lashes tilt your head forward slightly that prevents mascara from staining your cheek you can also use a small piece of paper or business card and hold it over the area prone to smudging when you apply.

9. Don’t use old mascara It’s straight up unhygienic and might cause infection if you have had it for longer than six months throw it out if it gets clumpy toss it sooner.

10. Wipe the brush off before you use it most brushes pick up an excess of product that should be nicely wiped off with a tissue to avoid spidery looks.




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