Top 10 New Food Trends Of 2019


Top 10 New Food Trends Of 2019

Food is an important part of our lives it might be not as essential as air and water but when it comes to new food trends we are the 1st ones in the line to try them. Why? due to it’s exciting and in most cases healthy as the overall tendency is to eat as consciously as possible. There are those cases when something bizarre pops up on the foodies radars and the whole world is going crazy over rainbow foods. Here are top ten new food trends of 2019.

Fermented foods and drinks

Not so long ago kombucha made a big blast and Korean kimchi is not a stranger to anyone anymore but food enthusiasts are not planning to stop there they are looking for new delcious fermented goodies this year is the time to try kefir that comes to us from the Caucasus mountains, Indonesian tempeh that reminds tofu a bit and drinkable vinegars infused with kale and kiwi for much better taste we will see how that works out soon enough!

Ugly produce is all the rage

Ugly on the outside but pretty on the inside we are talking about all those fine fruits and veggitables that used to go to waste just because of the way they look now we are finally recognizing their nutritional value and start-ups such as Hungry Harvest, Imperfect Produce, and Misfits Market make it easy to save some of those ugly foods take them home and prepare something mind blowingly delicious with them.

More sea snacks are coming

For sure no one is surprised to see snacks like roasted seaweed on the shelves these days but how about some crunchy air popped water lily seeds? Or maybe you are more up to try kelp jerky prepared with shiitake mushrooms and a bunch of other super-foods? It doesn’t get more organic than this guys!

Less plastic this year

We may still be far away from the completely plastic free society but the steps are being made as we speak. Starbucks, Disney and McDonald’s are expected to ditch single-use plastic straws but that is only the beginning. We will see more Eco-friendly packaging this years and no one less people we'll roll their eyes at you when you show up at a salad bar with your very own non-plastic bowl.

Celery juice

Instagram foodies and celebrity health coaches are all about celery juice these days. They say it balances out blood pressure, reduces inflammation and has a magic effect on your intestinal flora. Whether it is true or not we can all agree that a green juice trend is a good one it can be mixed with other veggies ingredients for a greater effect.

Healthy colors

You might know that matcha has been used by a lot of chefs and product companies to create that gorgeous green color as well as add a unique flavor but now even more colors will be added to the healthy palette. Expect to see some turmeric yellows, Acai berry purples and different powder concoctions made from mushrooms.

Hummus shake is rocking it

Hummus has been popular for a while now, but for some reason it took a long time for foodies to come up with a recipe that would hit it big everywhere in the world. They finally did now everyone is drinking the simple yet yummy hummus shake. To prepare it you will need almond milk, chickpeas,  tahini, banana and dates it’s filling and organic.

Healthy food swaps

More restaurants and fast food companies are replacing unhealthy ingredients with healthier products. Chickpeas instead of potatoes, zucchini instead of pasta and cauliflower instead of almost everything. It’s that good cauliflower-crust pizza is something most of you will surely fall in love with the 2nd you make the 1st bite.

Unique seed butters

Feeling a little tired of all those nut butters? If you are and you want to try out something new and equally delicious look for the new seed butters on the market shelves this year. Made from sunflower, watermelon and pumpkin seeds these butters are a great alternative for all those foodies with nut allergies.

Pacific Rim flavours are here to stay

If you think Acai and Goji berries are amazing wait till dragon fruit, guava and starfruit flavors hit it big on the market. All this fruity goodness is coming your way as we speak and it’s here to stay fruit bowls, smoothies, new delicious desserts, shakes and juice mixes will blow you away with a unique flavor palette.




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