Top Whole 30 Approved Questions


Top Whole 30 Approved Questions

I have been doing the whole 30 since 2013 and love it my body responds well to this type of eating (aka real food) so it is why I continue to do it and am currently doing another one starting today my husband now does whole 30 with me and Baby Awesome eats a lot of same foods we do too.
Over the years I have had many people find whole 30 posts on Fit & Awesome and ask me questions. I decided to put them all down here and make one big ultimate resource for everyone here you go if you have a question, email, tweet or leave me a comment and I will add it to the list.


Please note that I am not a doctor or health professional I’m just an average person who has discovered healthy eating and loves sharing information with others please consult your doctor for any medical questions you might have.

Top Whole 30 Questions


Are Larabars Whole 30 Approved? Which Larabars are Whole 30 compliant? 
The creators of Whole 30 Melissa and Dallas Hartwig say that Larabars should only be used in emergency situations while on Whole30 you can read more on this on the Whole 30 site here I agree with this but also know that life gets busy and you will have situations like this while on Whole30. The Larabars that are Whole30 compliant are all flavors except the ones with peanut butter no legumes and chocolate chips in them for obvious reasons. Here are some of my favorite Larabar flavors that are Whole30 compliant:

To Buy: Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Cherry Pie, Whole Food, Dairy Free Snacks, 1.7 Ounce (Pack of 16). Click Here!

To Buy: LARABAR, Fruit & Nut Bar, Cashew Cookie, Gluten Free, Vegan, Whole 30 Compliant, 1.7 oz Bars (16 Count). Click Here!

What were your Whole 30 results?


I’ve done Whole30 several times each time I have had impressive results I lose weight my skin glows I have tons of energy and I feel great the most dramatic results I had were after I did Whole30 in 2013 and dropped my cholesterol level significantly. 

What is Whole 30 Approved from Trader Joe’s?


Oh wow loaded questions there are lots of great Whole 30 approved products at Trader Joe’s I recommend sticking to the produce, meats and nuts and you should be able to find everything you need at Trader Joe’s while on Whole 30 if it’s in your budget I would recommend buying organic produce and organic chicken and grass-fed beef when possible I think I will make a list of all the Whole 30 compliant foods at Trader Joe’s and will post the link here when complete.

Is Beef Jerky Okay for Whole 30? 


Not all beef jerky is whole 30 approved because some brands use teriyaki sauce, sugar and other types of preservatives but the good news is there are plenty of brands of beef jerky that are whole 30 approved such as Nick’s Sticks, Chomps Snack Sticks and Epic Bars.

Is SunButter Whole 30 Approved?


Yes the organic SunButter is Whole 30 approved because it has no added sugar.

Is Almond Butter Whole 30 Approved?

Unfortunately most almond butters are not whole 30 approved the good news is that I have been able to find some that are Whole Foods has a machine where you can make your own almond butter from real almonds I make mine from the raw, unsalted almonds and it is good I have also been able to find one brand of Almond Butter that is Whole 30 compliant and that is Crazy Richard’s Almond Butter. It only has one ingredient almonds.

Are Corn Tortillas Whole 30 Approved?


Sadly corn tortillas are not whole 30 approved put your tortillas in the freezer and save them till you are done with the whole 30.

Are there any Whole 30 Store Bought Dressings you recommend?

In my opinion the best store bought whole 30 compliant dressing you can buy is a nice bottle of olive oil drizzle your salad with some high quality olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and it tastes great this one from La Tourangelle is pretty good for salads.

Is Braggs Liquid Aminos Whole 30 Approved?


No Braggs Liquid Aminos are not Whole 30 approved because they have soy in them if you are looking for an alter

to Braggs Liquid Aminos while on Whole 30 then I suggest trying Coconut Aminos.

Is corn whole 30 approved?

No, corn is a grain and not whole 30 approved.

Is Frank’s Hot Sauce Whole 30 approved?

There is one type of Frank’s Hot Sauce that is Whole 30 Approved here it is: Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce. 

Do you have a Whole 30 Approved Taco Seasoning you recommend?


Good question what I have done is looked at taco seasoning packets and then tried to make them whole 30 friendly you can take a look at one of the taco seasoning recipes I have on Fit & Awesome here.

Which Coconut Milk is Whole 30 approved?


Look for unsweetened coconut milk from a can while you are on whole 30 you can buy it at Whole Foods if your local store doesn’t carry it you can also buy cans of whole 30 compliant coconut milk online through Amazon. Here are some of the brands I like:

To Buy: Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 13.66 fl oz , Pack of 6. Click Here!

To Buy: 

Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk, 13.5 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12),Packaging may Vary. Click Here!

Can you use vinegar on Whole 30?


Yes you can use apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar and red wine vinegar while you are on whole 30 you need to look at the ingredients and make sure there is no added sugar and you should be okay.

Is Sunflower Oil Whole 30 approved?

Yes it is. You can read the Whole 30’s take on this here.

Is canola oil Whole 30 approved?

See answer above on sunflower oil when you start learning about the foods you eat you will be shocked at what you learn about how restaurants prepare food I learned that a lot of restaurants cook their vegetables in canola oil kind of crazy don’t make yourself nuts over it but avoid it when you can and are making your own meals at home.

Can you make smoothies on Whole 30?


The creators of Whole 30 say that the goal of the program is to get you to eat your food to chew it and thoroughly appreciate it while the ingredients in smoothies can be whole 30 compliant the idea of drinking your food is something they don’t love I understand this belief however because I am so busy and on the go I have to be able to stop and grab a smoothie or make a quick one at home so I allow myself to have compliant smoothies while on whole 30 this is also my philosophy on juicing and whole 30 I allow myself to drink green juice while on whole30 because it’s a way for me to get a lot of nutrients this is my favorite smoothie recipe that is technically whole 30 compliant: Paleo Green Smoothie Recipe.

Which brands of Natural Vitality Natural Calm are Whole 30 approved?


There are flavored varieties of Natural Calm but the one that is Whole 30 approved is the original version if you are unfamiliar with Natural Calm it is a magnesium supplement that helps you restore healthy magnesium levels in your body I like drinking it before bed while I’m on Whole 30.

Have you experienced frequent urination on Whole 30?

Haha, we had to go there didn’t we? This may be TMI for some of you but the answer is yes in the first ten days of whole 30 I often find myself getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom while on whole 30 I think it has to do with increasing your fruits and vegetable intake which naturally have more water. Plus you are more aware of what you’re eating so you are probably drinking more water I’m no doctor so if you are having frequent urination while on whole 30 you should consult your doctor on it.

If you could only shop at the grocery store for 10 foods for whole 30, what would they be?


This is hard but I think the below 10 ingredients can make the most meals so I will go with them:

  • Garlic (the perfect starters to cook most meals)
  • Onion (another great starter for flavoring meals)
  • Meats (grass-fed beef, organic chicken, lean ground turkey)
  • Coconut Oil (my favorite cooking oil)
  • Olive Oil (for salads)
  • Spinach (can use for everything!)
  • Eggs
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Apples

With all of the above I can think of at least 10 meals I could make so yeah I will go with those.

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