The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners


The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners

When it comes to makeup it’s easy to get lost in those makeup tutorials and different guides with tips and tricks for all occasions. Most of them are prepared by women that have been doing makeup for years making it hard for beginners to tap into the magic world of makeup artistry. Well don't worry
aspiring makeup artist because I have a simple easy solution for you the beginner’s guide to makeup! It has all the necessary basics that will help you create an easy and also flawless look.

Step 1. Moisturize

Many makeup artists forget to mention this most essential first step that comes before anything else. Prepping your skin is important to creating an amazing look. You can use  serums, mists, lotions and even special oils to do the job spread the moisturizer over your skin let it dry a few minutes and then follow the next step.

Step 2. Primer

Whether you are prepping your skin for a full on makeup or just want something light and easy on the eye primer is the one thing that will help your makeup last longer. This is the base of the foundation that comes next and the very trick that will help your eye-shadow look flawless.

Step 3. Liquid Foundation

No makeup guide for beginners is perfect without the liquid foundation it’s easy to apply you can use fingers or sponges and it helps create a smooth texture for your flawless makeup look. The main trick is to pick the right shade so don’t be afraid to spend as much time as you need in the store to test various colors!

Step 4. Concealer

I could say that this step is optional for ladies with great complexion but for the rest of us that have blemishes and under eye circles concealer is a real savior. Make sure that you blend it well into your foundation remember that the right shade really matters here too.

Step 5. Bronzer or Blush

You can use bronzer, blush or both depending on the look you are going for bronzer will help you create that fresh sun kissed glow without spending hours under the sun while blush will add more vibrancy to your complexion. Apply pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a gorgeous look.

Step 6. Eyeshadow

A basic makeup for beginners or pros always includes eye-shadow it makes the whole look much more interesting try neutral shades if you want to create a casual look or opt for bolder color to make a statement. It’s a good idea to have 2 complementary shades to be able to mix them together and get a little of that wonderful smokey-eye effect.

Step 7. Eyeliner

No look is complete without some eyeliner to emphasize the beauty of your eyes applying it might be tricky and it might take you some time to develop the skill but it’s worth it There are various types of eyeliners and you may want to experiment with them to find your perfect item. Liquid eyeliner is thin and will help you create a truly dashing look. Gel eyeliner is great for that wonderful cat-eye look. Pencil eyeliner is a basic easy-to-use item great for beginners works best for a smokey eye look.

Step 8. Mascara

If you are feeling lazy to do the whole eye-makeup thing but want an easy fix for your eyes use mascara even without eye-shadow and eyeliner a few swipes of mascara will emphasize your eyes and make them stand out you can prep your eyelashes with a curler for a better result.

Step 9. Lip Gloss

I’m not getting into the whole lipstick thing as it’s out of the beginner makeup zone instead try a shiny lip gloss that is simple to apply and it will look just as perfect. Prepping your lips is still essential as you want them to be as smooth as possible no matter what you apply. If you have chapped lips use a gentle scrub to make them all nice and smooth then apply some lip balm or any other moisturizer you like now your lips are ready for lip gloss.

Step 10. Setting spray or powder

A setting spray will make sure that the makeup look you so carefully created stays great throughout the day. It will help you avoid oily skin, smudges and reapplication it’s good for different skin types and can be used either with light or heavy makeup. It’s an important part of your makeup routine.




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